Rita Royale 2; The Beach House

Vancouver Island, British Columbia. The year 2021. Major Royale has been posted to Sidney as the new Liaison Officer, as the war for Canada slowly winds down. Although the war may have been won, the battles continue. Islamic terrorists, military traitors, suicide bombers and the threat of nuclear destruction provide the backdrop for this second and final book in the Rita Royale series. Toss in a homeless teenaged artist, a harlot in the heat wave, the suspected Anti-Christ, a dash or two of romance, and you have a recipe for an exciting read. The Beach House does not disappoint. Life will never be the same for the residents living close to the now thirty-six year old Special Forces major.

At present only available as an ebook. Rita Royale 2; The Beach House, (approximately 107,000 words) was a project entirely in my control, from writing to editing, cover design, publishing and pricing ($5.95). To purchase from ebookit, go here:


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Rita Royale

A three and a half year glimpse into the world of Rita Royale, an instinctive thirty-one year old unmarried, half Jewish, professional poker player. Free spirited mentally, physically and sexually. A woman entirely unconcerned with labels and purposely detached from any and all political worlds until a phone call from her sister changes everything.

Within six months of taking power, Canada’s majority left wing coalition government has voted overwhelmingly for Sharia law as the new law of the land. A backlash leading to a civil war erupts in Western Canada almost immediately and the Albertan woman who had ignored the world for so long is drawn straight into the heart of the whirlwind.

From a private in the Western Militia to a major in Badger Troop, a special forces unit in the new Free Canadian Army, the beautiful Rita rises quickly in rank while guided by an eagle spirit and an unseen general with plans to retake and reshape his country.

 A serious and sometimes humorous look into the life and times of Rita Royale as she juggles love in its many variations, fights for women’s freedom in a war of no surrender, and strives to fathom the mind of the military and the crazies alike.

Author's note:

The character, Rita Royale, is loosely based on the mannerisms and physical appearance of an American woman I knew while living in Victoria and while still in my twenties. A friend. A few years older than myself. A beautiful green eyed California blonde who always turned heads whenever she entered a room. A woman who, to this day, I still think of as a true Libertine, though not in the dissolute way the word is often framed. Perhaps free spirit is a better choice of words. Maybe a combination of both. A woman who had a real effect on my life.

I hadn’t thought about this woman in years, people drift, lose touch. As I was reading some of my favorite blogs early one morning, the pages full of articles about Sharia law, honor killings, the killing of gays and lesbians under Islamic law, the stoning’s, beheadings, and on and on it went, I could suddenly hear my old friend’s voice telling me exactly what she would think of Sharia. An image of her came to me, standing firm, hands on her hips, head tilted slightly, shooting me her serious look.

More than a few times during the writing of ‘Rita Royale’ I wondered what I had fallen into. Suddenly I was back face to face with a woman I once loved. Still, the words and ideas kept coming from somewhere, don’t ask me where, elves maybe, and I kept typing. I do hope I’ve succeeded in creating an interesting and thought provoking story centered around a freedom-loving woman named, Rita Royale.

Rita Royale (approximately 100,000 words) was a project entirely in my control, from writing, to editing, cover design, publishing and pricing. I’m much too impatient to mail off manuscripts and wait for months only to be rejected by some politically correct left leaning publicly funded and subsidized Canadian publisher. Fortunately for me though, the technology now exists for me to self publish, so I did. As of now, Rita Royale is only available as an e-book. I hope I chose a reasonable and fair price ($5.95) for anyone willing to take a chance on a pretty much unknown author.

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Summer of 2016

Centered on and around Vancouver Island, Summer of 2016, is a fictional novel that takes the reader into a world of microchips, clones, and black shirts. It focuses on a small group of people in the final days leading up to the New World Order officially taking power. Dangerous and perilous days.

A tale of escape, rebellion, struggling to stay alive in a world that wants them dead. A world where everyone is forced to bow down to Dear Leader. Those resisting become the hunted. Enemies of the State. Summer of 2016, will make you think about a world that may lie in wait just around the corner.

PublishAmerica- ISBN: 978-1-4512-8380-8

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